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Chapter 15. Managing Hardware > Installing Hardware Devices

Installing Hardware Devices

Before you install a new hardware device, be sure to carefully read the product installation guide provided by the manufacturer. If the hardware device comes with an installation CD-ROM, it is recommended that you use the manufacturer's CD-ROM and related instructions to install the hardware. If the product documentation instructs you to perform a typical plug and play installation, turn off your computer, physically connect your hardware to your computer, and then turn on your computer again. In most cases, Windows detects your new hardware device and installs it or starts the Add Hardware Wizard. The Add Hardware Wizard installs hardware devices by asking you a series of questions to set up the necessary software for the new hardware device. If Windows doesn't detect the new hardware, you can start the Add Hardware Wizard in the Control Panel and select the new hardware device to install it. You might need to be logged on as an administrator in order to install a hardware device.

Install a Hardware Device Using the Add Hardware Wizard

Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

Double-click the Add Hardware icon in Classic view, and then click Next.

Click the Yes, I Have Already Connected The Hardware option, and then click Next.

If your hardware appears in the installed list, double-click the item to troubleshoot any problems.

If your hardware isn't listed, double-click Add A New Hardware Device.

Click the Search For And Install The Hardware Automatically option, and then click Next.

If Windows doesn't detect the hardware, click Next, and then double-click the type of device.

Click the manufacturer and model, or click Have Disk to locate files.

Click Next twice, and then click Finish.



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