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Chapter 14. Maintaining Your Computer > Improving Computer Performance

Improving Computer Performance

You can adjust Windows XP to improve its performance by changing the way Windows XP manages system processing and memory. You can set Windows XP to give a greater proportion of processor time to the program in which you are currently working, known as a foreground process. The greater the processor time, the faster response time you receive from the program in which you are currently working. If you have background processes, such as printing, that you want to run while you work, you might want to have Windows XP share processor time equally between background and foreground programs. When your computer is running low on RAM and more is needed immediately to complete your current task, Windows XP uses hard disk drive space to simulate system RAM. This is known as virtual memory. For processes that require a lot of RAM, you can optimize virtual memory use by allocating more available space on your hard disk drive.

Optimize Computer Performance

Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

Double-click the System icon in Classic view.

Click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings (under Performance).

Click the Visual Effects tab.

Click the Adjust For Best Performance option.

Click the Advanced tab.

To optimize program performance, click the Programs option.

To optimize system performance, click the Background Services option and the System Cache option.

To optimize virtual memory settings, click Change, click the System Managed Size option, and then click OK.

Click OK, and then click OK again.



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