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Chapter 5. Exploring the Internet > Browsing with MSN Explorer - Pg. 209

Exploring the Internet 209 Browsing with MSN Explorer MSN Explorer is Internet software you can use to browse the Web, send e-mail and instant mes- sages to friends, listen to music, watch videos, and manage finances online. MSN Explorer com- bines Microsoft's Internet software technologies, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows Media Player, and MSN Messenger Service, with its leading web services, such as Hotmail and CNBC Money. You don't have to be an MSN member to use MSN Explorer, but you do need to have a Microsoft .NET Passport, which you can obtain when you associate an existing e-mail address with a User Account using the .NET Passport Wizard, or you can sign up for a free Hotmail or MSN e-mail account during the setup process. With MSN Explorer you can search the web and access web sites as in Internet Explorer. Browse with MSN Explorer 1. Click the Start button, point to All Programs, and then click MSN Explorer. 2. If you're using MSN Explorer for the first time, follow the setup instructions. 3. Use the buttons to display the home page, send and receive e-mail or instant messages, par- ticipate in chats and online communities, or link to MSN sites. 4.