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Chapter 20. Customizing the My Pictures ... > Adding Edges, Frames, and Mats

Adding Edges, Frames, and Mats

The Edges menu item gives you access to several options for dressing up your finished photos. Choices include these:

  • Highlighted Edges— This option adds a colored border around an object or a picture. You can change the color and width of the highlighted edge to suit you (see Figure 20.9).

    Figure 20.9. As shown in this detail from the Highlighted Edges screen, you can select one of the effects shown, or choose a custom edge.

  • Soft Edges— Use this option to fade the outside edges of an object or a picture. Picture It! lets you set both the width of the edge you want to soften, and the transparency of the softened edges. As noted previously, this feature can be used in conjunction with the cutout capability to remove the background from an object in a picture and insert the object into a new picture, without creating a jagged line around the inserted object.

  • Frames and Mats— This option lets you customize your photo by placing it behind a virtual mat, or into a virtual frame. Picture It! contains dozens of styles to choose from (see Figure 20.10). To add a frame, choose one of the many themes to see the available choices. Click to open the frame you want, and then drag your image from the tray of thumbnails at the bottom of your screen and place it in the frame. To use the Build Your Own feature to create a custom frame or mat, choose the Photo Simple Frame or Photo Simple Mat option. Select from one of the many choices presented (see Figure 20.11), click Next, and then adjust the size of your picture under the frame or mat. Click Done to accept the changes.

    Figure 20.10. Picture It! lets you choose from about 15 frame categories, or you can create your own custom frame.

    Figure 20.11. When you decide to build your own custom frame or mat, Picture It! asks you to select a pattern.



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