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Chapter 20. Customizing the My Pictures ... > Adding Text or Shapes to Your Photos

Adding Text or Shapes to Your Photos

Picture It! enables you to add graphics and text, and so on, to your images via the Add Something menu item. Choices include the following options:

  • Text— This full-featured text tool lets you type a caption or greeting directly into your image. Simply click and type. You can reposition the text box by dragging it, in addition to resizing, stretching, or skewing it. Just click and drag any handle to get the desired effect (see Figure 20.7).

    Figure 20.7. As shown in this example, you can easily tilt the text, change font styles, and even vary text colors to achieve the look you want.

  • Shaped Text— This feature allows you to add text to your photo in a geometric shape so that the letters conform to the shape of a triangle, a circle, an arrow, or other shapes. The addition of shaped text, such as the arch-shaped greeting shown in Figure 20.8, can enhance and complement the shape of the image's subject.

    Figure 20.8. In this example, the cutout tool was used to remove the background, which was replaced by a custom shape with a gradient fill.


    When you first insert the new image, Picture It! tends to plaster it on top of your existing image. Your first step will probably be to reorder the objects on your screen by right-clicking on the top image, selecting Move Forward or Backward, and then choosing an option such as Send to Back. This will reveal your original image in front of the new image you just added. Then you can select the object you want to change, and go to work on it.

  • Shape or Lines— Use this feature to add a standard drawing object, such as a line or shape, by choosing it from the Picture It! gallery. Or choose one of the Draw options to create a custom line or shape on your image.

  • Picture from the Gallery/My Computer/Scanner/Digital Camera— These options allow you to insert another image, which you can blend with the existing image in various ways. Choose the source of your image (the Picture It! Gallery, another folder on your PC, or a scanner or digital camera), and then choose some of the other actions described in this chapter to adjust and blend the images.



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