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Chapter 27. Maintaining and Protecting Y... > Defending Your Mac from Net Attacks - Pg. 701

Maintaining and Protecting Your Mac 701 · The Keychains button in the toolbar provides you with a list of all the keychains installed for your user account. Defending Your Mac from Net Attacks The Internet is a major source of threat to the health and well-being of your Macs and the network to which they are connected. You face two fundamental types of threats: viruses and hackers. Al- though viruses receive more media attention, it is easier to defend against viruses than against attacks from hackers. However, with some relatively simple activity, it is possible to protect yourself from either threat. Defending Your Mac from Virus Attacks No matter what level of computer user you are, because of the extensive media hype about viruses, you are likely to be keenly aware of them. Although many viruses are relatively harmless, some viruses can do damage to your machine. Part of practicing smart computing is understanding viruses and taking appropriate steps to protect your machine from them. CAUTION Under previous versions of the Mac OS, there were many fewer viruses on the Mac platform than for Windows or other operating systems. However, because Mac OS X is based on Unix, it is possible that Unix viruses will be a threat to machines running Mac OS X. Until this threat is more fully understood, Mac OS X users would do well to pay additional attention to virus threats. Understanding the Types of Viruses