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Chapter 7. Printing and Faxing > Tips for Using the Fax Service

Tips for Using the Fax Service

To send a fax from a Windows application, follow these steps:

Open the document you want to send.

Choose File, Print. From the standard Print dialog box, choose the Fax icon as the printer. Set up the particulars as necessary (page range, and so on), and click OK.

The Send Fax Wizard then begins and walks you through the process of preparing the fax. (If you haven't run the Fax Configuration Wizard yet, you'll get the pleasure of going through it now.)

Fill in the recipient and dialing information as prompted, as shown in Figure 7.16. You can add multiple names to the list. If you set up your area code and Dialing Rules when you installed your modem, just enter the fax recipient's area code and number. If you didn't, uncheck Dialing Rules and enter the recipient's number including a 1 and area code if needed. Click the Add button to add the first recipient, and repeat the process for each additional recipient.

Figure 7.16. Adding recipients to the fax transmission list.

→ Windows can automatically manage area codes and special features like outside-line access by setting up Dialing Rules. This is really handy when you're on the road. For more information, seeDial-Up Internet Connections,” p. 276.

If you select recipients from the Address Book, the fax numbers stored there must contain all necessary dialing prefix numbers and area codes; dialing rules are not applied to these numbers in any case.

When you've entered all of the recipients, click Next.

If you'd like to add a cover page to your fax, check Select a Cover Page and choose one of the predefined formats from the drop-down list. Enter the subject and any notes you want to appear on the cover page. If you'd like to alter your personal information, click Sender Info.

Click Next. Choose when you'd like to send the fax. Typically, this is Now, but the When Discount Rates Apply option is interesting. (See the section titled “Detailed Fax Device Properties” near the end of the chapter to see how to set the timing.) Alternatively, you can specify a time in the next 24 hours.

Click Next. If you'd like to preview the fax before it's sent, click Preview, otherwise click Next.



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