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Part III: Appendixes > DOS Commands - Pg. 660

660 Appendix E Windows XP Program Reference Program echo endlocal erase exit for ftype goto help if md mkdir move path pause popd prompt pushd rd rem ren rename rmdir set setlocal shift start time title type ver verify vol Purpose Displays text Restores environment variables Deletes files (same as del ) Ends a program or subroutine Repeat command (many options) Associates file types to "open" commands Goes to the label in a batch file Displays command-line program usage information Executes a command conditionally Creates a directory (same as mkdir ) Creates a directory (same as md ) Moves files or folders Sets the command search path Stops a batch file until the user presses Enter Restores the current directory Sets the command-line prompt Saves the current directory Removes a directory (same as rmdir ) Remarks or comments text Renames files or folders (same as rename ) Renames files or folders (same as ren ) Removes a directory (same as rd ) Sets environment variables Saves the current environment Deletes and moves command-line arguments Runs a command or opens a document in a new window Displays and sets the time of day Sets the window title Copies a text file to the console window Displays the operating system version Controls automatic verify-after-write Displays disk volume label DOS Commands The following programs are provided for compatibility with DOS programs and legacy DOS batch files. Program append command debug diskcomp Purpose Makes directories appear "local" (archaic) MS-DOS command shell Debugs programs (archaic) Compares two floppy disks