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Part III: Appendixes > DOS Commands

DOS Commands

The following programs are provided for compatibility with DOS programs and legacy DOS batch files.

Program Purpose
append Makes directories appear “local” (archaic)
command MS-DOS command shell
debug Debugs programs (archaic)
diskcomp Compares two floppy disks
diskcopy Copies a floppy disk
doskey Command-line aliases and editing extensions
dosx DOS Extender, loaded in AUTOEXEC.NT
edit Edits text files
edlin Edits text files (primeval)
exe2bin Converts EXE files to COM files (archaic)
fastopen Does nothing on Windows XP
forcedos Runs a program in the MS-DOS environment
graftabl Enables the display of graphics characters in the MS-DOS environment
graphics Loads the graphics printer driver (obsolete)
loadfix Runs a program above the first 64KB of memory
loadhigh Loads an MS-DOS TSR program into high memory
mem Displays free memory in the MS-DOS subsystem
mode Configures port, display, and keyboard settings
mscdexnt MS CD Extensions, loaded in AUTOEXEC.NT
nlsfunc Loads country/region information
ntvdm MS-DOS virtual machine environment
nw16 NetWare 16-bit redirector, loaded in AUTOEXEC.NT
print Copies a file to a local LPT-port printer
redir Networking redirector, loaded in AUTOEXEC.NT
setver Lies about the MS-DOS version to old applications
share Does nothing on Windows XP
subst Maps a drive letter to a local folder
vwipxspx NetWare protocol stack, loaded in AUTOEXEC.NT



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