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Part III: Appendixes > Administrative Tools

Administrative Tools

The following programs can be used to configure and manage Windows.

Program Purpose
asr_fmt Automated System Recovery backup and restore
asr_ldm Automated System Recovery Logical Disk manager
bootcfg Modifies the BOOT.INI configuration file
cscript Windows Scripts Host (command-line version)
diskperf Starts the physical disk performance counters
driverquery Lists the installed device drivers
esentutl MS database utility
eventcreate Adds an event to the event log
eventquery Lists events from the event log[*]
eventtriggers Displays and configures event triggers
fsutil Manages the Windows file system
gpresult Computes and displays Group Policy Resultant Set of Policy
gpupdate Forces the update of Local and Group Policy settings
grpconv Program Manager Group converter
iexpress Creates simple Installer applications
lodctr Installs, backs up, or restores performance-counter definitions
logman Schedules the automatic collection of performance information
msg Sends a message to another user
odbcconf Configures ODBC drivers and data sources
openfiles Displays files in use by local processes or network users
pagefileconfig Manages the virtual memory page file[*]
prncnfg Configures printers[*]
prndrvr Installs and lists print drivers[*]
prnjobs Manages print jobs[*]
prnmngr Manages local and network printer connections[*]
prnqctl Prints test pages as well as starts and stops the printer queue[*]
qprocess Displays information about processes (local or remote)
qwinsta Displays information about Terminal Services sessions
reg Edits or displays Registry data
regedit Edits the Registry
regini Creates Registry entries and sets permissions
relog Changes the format or rate for performance log files
reset Deletes a Terminal Services session
rsm Manages removable storage media pools
runas Runs a program with another user's credentials
rundll32 Launches a 32-bit DLL program
rwinsta Resets the session subsystem hardware and software to their known initial values
sc Displays and manages installed services
schtasks Displays and manages scheduled tasks
sdbinst Application compatibility database installer
sfc Verifies system file integrity
shadow Monitors or controls a Terminal Services session
shutdown Shuts down, logs off, or restarts a computer
syskey Encrypts and secures the system database
systeminfo Displays a system hardware and software summary
taskkill Terminates a process
tasklist Lists active processes
tracerpt Gathers or summarizes event trace information
tsdiscon Disconnects a Windows/Terminal Services session
tskill Terminates a process in a Terminal Services session
tsprof Copies and manages Terminal Services user profiles
tsshutdn Shuts down or restarts a Terminal Services server
typeperf Displays performance data
unlodctr Removes performance-counter definitions
vssadmin Displays shadow copy backups and providers
winmsd Displays system-configuration information
wmic Queries and manages Windows XP via Windows Management Instrumentation
wscript Windows Script Host (windowed version)

[*] VBScript program



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