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Part III: Appendixes > Windows GUI Programs

Windows GUI Programs

The following programs comprise the standard set of Windows application programs provided with Windows XP. They are usually run from the start menu, but they can be run from the command line, scripts, or batch files as well.

Program Purpose
calc Windows calculator
cleanmgr Disk-cleanup program
cliconfg SQL Server client network utility
clipbrd Clipboard viewer (multiuser)
control Opens the Control Panel
dcomcnfg Displays and manages DCOM configuration
ddeshare Displays DDE shares on a local or remote computer
dvdplay Windows DVD player
dxdiag Direct-X diagnostics
eudcedit Private character editor
eventvwr Event Viewer
explorer Windows Explorer
fontview Displays fonts in a font file
freecell A popular Windows game
fxsclnt Fax console
fxscover Fax cover page editor
fxssend Send Fax Wizard
hh HTML Help
mixer Sound control
mmc Microsoft Management Console
mobsync Synchronization Manager/Wizard
mplay32 MS Media Player
mshearts Hearts card game
mspaint Microsoft Paint
mstsc Terminal Services client (remote desktop)
netsetup Network Setup Wizard
notepad Notepad accessory
ntbackup Backs up and restores files
osk Onscreen keyboard
osuninst Uninstalls Windows XP
packager Embeds objects into files (Object Packager)
perfmon Performance console with a Windows NT 4 settings file
progman Windows 3.1/NT 4–style Program Manager
regedt32 Registry editor (old version)
rtcshare NetMeeting Desktop Sharing
secedit Manages and analyzes system security policies
shrpubw Create and Share Folders Wizard
sigverif Signature verifier for system files
sndrec32 Sound Recorder
sndvol32 Volume control
sol Windows Solitaire game
spider Spider Solitaire game
sysedit Edits obsolete Windows configuration files
taskmgr Starts the Task Manager (same as Ctrl+Alt+Del)
tcmsetup Manages the TAPI Telephony client
tourstart Runs the “Welcome to Windows” program
verifier Driver Verifier Manager
wiaacmgr Scanner and Camera Wizard
winchat Windows Chat
winhelp Windows Help (HLP file) viewer
winhlp32 Windows Help file viewer
winmine Minesweeper game
winver Displays the current version of Windows
write WordPad accessory
wupdmgr Windows Update (launches Internet Explorer)



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