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Chapter 18. Windows Unplugged: Remote an... > Copying Files Between Two Computers - Pg. 572

Windows Unplugged: Remote and Mobile Networking 572 Most of the window is devoted to a view of your friend's screen. You can click Scale To Window to fit his entire screen in this window, or click Actual Size to see a normal size view which you'll probably have to scroll up and down from time to time. Copying Files Between Two Computers If you need to transfer files between two computers but you don't already have a LAN in place, you may think you'll have shuttle a floppy disk back and forth 50 times. You do have some other options: · Use an external high-capacity drive such as a USB-connected hard drive or a Zip disk. · Install network adapters in the two computers and connect them with a crossover cable , as described in Chapter 16. The cable will cost about $7.50, and if you need to buy network adapt- ers, this might set you back another $20 to $50. You'll eventually want the network hardware anyway, though, and with this mini-LAN you can copy mega-files in minutes. · If both computers have FireWire (IEEE-1394) ports, you can get a so-called "6-6" cable to directly connect the computers, and use the IEEE-1394 ports to set up a LAN. (The price of the cable might bring tears to your eyes, though.) · You can use the "Direct Connection" networking feature to connect two computers through their parallel, serial or Infrared ports. Parallel or serial connections require special "Direct Connection" parallel or serial data crossover cables--these cables are needed to hook input wires to output wires on each computer and vice versa. To establish a Direct Connection, connect the cable or point the infrared ports at each other. Then, on the computer that has the files you want to copy, called the Host computer, follow these steps: