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Chapter 14. Troubleshooting Your Interne... > It’s Great When It Works, But . . . - Pg. 390

390 Chapter 14. Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection In this chapter It's Great When It Works, But . . . Before You Run into Trouble Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Internet Problems with Windows TCP/IP Utilities Web-Based Utilities Tips from the Windows Pros: Pinging with Larger Packets It's Great When It Works, But . . . Browsing the Internet is great fun--and very useful, too. In fact, watch as I instantly transfer millions of dollars from my secret Swiss bank account to. . . . Wait a minute, what's a 404 Server Not Found Error? What's going on? Did the modem disconnect? Is the IRS closing in on me? Help! Where's my money?! If you've used the Internet for any length of time, this scene may seem all too familiar--except for the bit about the Swiss bank account (a guy can dream, can't he?). Connecting to the Internet and using the Web is an amazingly user-friendly experience, yet we can't escape the basic fact that it's a staggeringly complex system. If something goes wrong at any step along the way between your fingertips and a server somewhere off in cyberspace, the whole system comes to a crashing halt. Where do you begin to find and fix the problem? In this chapter, I'll show you the basic strategies to use when tracking down Internet problems, and then I'll briefly discuss some of the diagnostic tools available to help you pinpoint the trouble. Tip from Experiment with the diagnostic tools when your network and Internet connection are oper- ating correctly to learn how the programs work and what sort of output you should expect. This way, as we'll discuss in the next section, if you run into trouble later, you can compare the results to what you saw when things were working. Before You Run into Trouble The best tool to have on hand when you're diagnosing Internet problems is information about what you should expect when your connection is working .