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Chapter 13. Hosting Web Pages with Inter... > Enabling Site Searching Using the In...

Enabling Site Searching Using the Indexing Service

If you want to let remote browsers search your Web site for documents of interest, you can install and configure the Indexing Service. This service periodically scours selected Web-shared folders and documents and maintains a list of all the words it finds in them. It actually maintains two separate indexes: one of your whole hard disk, for your use alone, and another of the Web folders for Internet searching. It’s also sophisticated enough not to show results for documents Web visitors don’t have permission to download. To install this service, follow these steps:

Right-click My Computer and choose Manage. From the Computer Management console, open Services and Applications, and then the Indexing Service section.

Right-click Web, and select Properties.

Select the Generation tab to bring it to the front (see Figure 13.6), and make the following choices:

Figure 13.6. You can index generation properties for the Web index. Here, you can select the level of detail you want to include in the index.

  • Check Index Files with Unknown Extensions to include more than the expected .html and .txt files in the index. If you check this option, the Indexing Service will attempt to make sense of every file it finds in your Web folders.

  • Check Generate Abstracts. This option increases the size of the index in a large Web site but lets the search results return not only a filename but a paragraph or so of text from the beginning of each matching file. You can set the maximum size of this abstract if you want or leave the default setting of 320 characters.

Click OK. The Indexing Service updates the index automatically.



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