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Chapter 16. Using a Windows XP Network > Sharing Folders and Drives

Sharing Folders and Drives

Windows automatically makes your computer’s Shared Documents folder available on the network. However, you may wish to share other folders with your network cohorts. This capability is built right into Explorer. Just follow these steps:

Select a folder in Explorer, or select the name of the CD-ROM, floppy, Zip, or hard drive itself at the top of the Explorer view, if you want to share the entire disk.

Microsoft recommends that you only share folders found inside your My Documents folder, but I think that’s too restrictive. You can safely share any folder on your hard drive except Documents and Settings, Program Files and your Windows folder. You should not share the entire hard drive that contains your Windows folder.

Right-click the folder, and choose Sharing and Security.

Select Share This Folder on the Network. Windows fills in the Share Name field with the name of the folder. If the name contains spaces, it may not be accessible to Windows for Workgroups users, so you might want to shorten or abbreviate the name. You also can enter a comment to describe the contents of the shared folder, as shown in Figure 16.22.

Figure 16.22. When sharing a location, be sure to enter a share name. Comments are optional.

If you want remote users to be able to add, delete, and edit files in your shared folder, check Allow Network Users to Change My Files. Otherwise, uncheck it.



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