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Part: V Appendixes > RD or RMDIR 2.0 and later—Internal - Pg. 741

Command Reference /50 /60 /in /bw /mono /lcd /ff /bf /nf /bt /ngm /le /im /ps2 /? Sets screen display to 50 lines (VGA only). Sets screen display to 60 lines (Video 7 only). Runs the program in color mode even if a color display device is not detected. Uses the black-and-white color scheme. Uses the monochrome color scheme (IBM monochrome). Uses the LCD color scheme (for laptops). Speeds up display (CGA only). Can cause a "snow" effect on some display devices. Uses the BIOS font (use if graphics are not displayed properly). Does not use fonts (does not use graphics characters). Allows graphics mouse in Windows, and graphics fonts with DESQview or UltraVision. Does not use the graphics mouse pointer. Uses the left-handed mouse. Disables the mouse. Resets the mouse hardware. Displays the abbreviated online help. 741 Notes RAMSETUP strips all DEVICEHIGH= statements from the CONFIG.SYS file and converts them into DEVICE= statements. It also strips out all LOADHIGH= or LH= statements in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. The DOS LOADHIGH, DEVICEHIGH, and DOS=UMB functions are built into RAMBOOST and are no longer required. RAMSETUP does not edit nested or called batch files.