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Chapter 28. Solving Mac Problems > Understanding the Causes of Problems - Pg. 598

Solving Mac Problems 598 Instead, the purpose of this chapter is to help you learn how to troubleshoot Mac OS X problems in general. You can then apply the techniques and tools that you will learn about in this chapter to any problems that you face; these techniques will help you solve problems on your own. In the long run, the strategies you need to know in order to solve problems will be much more useful to you than lists of problems that might or might not include those that you experience. Note The goal of this chapter is to help you learn general problem-solving techniques, but solu- tions to specific problems that you might encounter are explained in the "Troubleshooting" sections in many chapters of this book. Understanding the Causes of Problems The causes of the problems that you experience will be one--or a combination--of five general types of problems: · · · · · User error Bugs Conflicting software Attacks on your system Hardware failures Each of these problems is detailed in the sections that follow. User Error