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Chapter 18. Setting Up a Home Network > Identifying Computers on a Network - Pg. 438

Setting Up a Home Network 3. 4. 5. 438 The Home Networking Wizard runs the same sequence of questions shown in the previous section, "Installing Home Networking Support." Select Next when each screen is completed. Select Finish when done, and restart your com- puter. After your computer reboots, you should see the other computers on the network. In Windows Me, the Home Networking Wizard is also used to set up Internet Connection Sharing. See Chapter 20, "Sharing an Internet Connection," for more information. Troubleshooting Tip After your network is running, don't assume it will stay up forever. If your network stops working, see Step-by-Step Network Troubleshooting Methods in the Troubleshooting sec- tion at the end of this chapter. Identifying Computers on a Network A vital part of networking both at home and in larger networks is identifying each computer. Every computer on a network must be uniquely identified; if two computers on a network have the same name, the Windows networking software displays a conflict error message on each screen and neither computer can access the network. Identifying Each Computer The type of network that the Home Networking Wizard helps to configure is called a peer-to-peer network. Unlike the client/server networks covered in Chapter 21, "Connecting to a Business Net-