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Chapter 30. Offline Favorites and the Ac... > Troubleshooting - Pg. 614

Offline Favorites and the Active Desktop 614 · To move the Channel bar to a different location on the desktop, click on any empty desktop space and then let the mouse pointer hover over the top of the bar until the gray sizing handle pops up Click and drag to a new location. · To resize the Channel bar, aim the mouse pointer at the bar and wait for a thin, gray border to appear Click on any border and drag to change the size and orientation Note that as the size of the bar changes, shortcuts on the bar reorder themselves auto-matically. · To add or delete channels from the bar, right-click on any Channel icon and choose Delete from the shortcut menu. Be careful before deleting any of the category icons on the Channel bar. If you've sub- scribed to a channel within that category, you lose easy access to the channel. · To rearrange channels on the bar, simply drag them to the location you prefer Other shortcuts on the bar rearrange themselves automatically. · To remove the Channel bar from the desktop, let the mouse pointer hover over the top of the bar until the gray sizing handle pops up Click the X in the top-right corner. Tip Caution The Channel bar on the desktop is identical to the one that appears in the Browser window. When you add or remove channels from one, the other changes accordingly. If you'd rather use the Windows desktop for other items, close the Channel bar there and use the Channels button on the Internet Explorer toolbar when you want to work with channels. Troubleshooting Offline Browsing I'm attempting to browse a Web page offline but IE5 cannot display the desired page. IE5 might not be able to display a page for offline browsing if you have deleted your Temporary Internet Files IE5 uses the Web pages that have been cached in memory and saved as Temporary Internet Files not only for faster access when you browse online but also for browsing offline If you have recently run a disk cleanup utility, such as Disk Cleanup in Windows 98 accessories (or you recently deleted Temporary Internet Files), you may have inadvertently deleted the Web pages stored for offline browsing. One way to prevent this situation is to make a subscription to the pages you want to browse offline and then leave the box unchecked when prompted on whether to delete all subscription content. If you accidentally delete files you need to do offline browsing, reconnect to the page while online, disconnect from the Internet, and continue to use the Web page left in cache. Secrets of Mastering the Windows 98 Environment: Uninstalling IE5 Some actions require you to uninstall IE5 before you perform them These actions include · Returning to any previous version of Internet Explorer. · Restoring a Registry (SYSTEM DAT or USER DAT) backup that was created in Windows 98 (or 95) before you installed IE5. · Using a Windows NT Emergency Recovery Disk (ERD), which may have been created before you installed IE5. · Repairing IE5 does not succeed or does not correct a problem related to IE5 or Windows 98.