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Using the Keyboard

Table 3.2 shows the keyboard shortcuts that can save you time as you become proficient in Windows. A few of these keystrokes, such as F1 for Help, Alt+Tab to switch between applications, and F2 to edit selected text should be part of everyone's skill set. Some keyboards, such as the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, include a Windows key and an application key that give quick access to certain predefined functions.

Table 3.2. Universal Windows Shortcut Keys
TopicDescriptionKey Combination
Close, Program Exit active programAlt+F4
Close, Document WindowClose the active document windowCtrl+F4
HelpDisplay Windows HelpWindows+F1
HelpDisplay Help for the selected item in a dialog boxF1
Menu, Document's SystemDisplay document system menu to control program windowAlt+hyphen
Menu, ProgramActivate menu barF10
Menu, Program's SystemDisplay program system menu to control program windowAlt+Spacebar
Menu, Select MenuSelect from the active menu bar the menu containing the underlined letterAlt+underlined letter
Menu, ShortcutDisplay shortcut menu for selected itemShift+F10 or Application key
Menu, StartDisplay Start menuCtrl+Esc or Windows
Command, CutCut selected itemCtrl+X
Command, CopyCopy selected itemCtrl+C
Command, PastePaste item from the Clipboard at current insertion pointCtrl+V
Command, DeleteDelete selected itemDelete key
Command, DeleteDelete selected item from the desktop without Recycle BinShift+Delete
Command, Find: All FilesDisplay Find: All Files dialog box when desktop is activeF3 or Windows+F
Command, Find: ComputerDisplay Find: Computer dialog box when desktop is activeCtrl+Windows+F
Command, MinimizeMinimize all windowsWindows+M
Command, Minimize or RestoreMinimize or restore all windowsWindows+D
Command, PropertiesDisplay properties of selected item on desktopAlt+Enter
Command, RefreshRefresh all window contentsF5
Command, RenameRename selected itemF2
Command, RunDisplay Run dialog boxWindows+R
Command, Select AllSelect all items when desktop is activeCtrl+A
Command, System PropertiesDisplay System Properties dialog boxWindows+Break
Command, UndoUndo last effect of last commandCtrl+Z
Command, Undo MinimizeUndo minimizing all windowsShift+Windows+M
Switch, Document WindowActivate the next document windowCtrl+F6
Switch, Program WindowActivate the next application windowAlt+Tab
Switch, ProgramActivate taskbar and cycle through buttonsWindows+Tab



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