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Chapter 21. Configuring Hardware > Configuring a Modem - Pg. 388

Configuring Hardware 388 Configuring a Modem Modems are among the most frequently updated peripherals, in part because of the rapid advance in communication data rates. In addition, many users have several dial-in routines set up for calling into various services or locations, which can require additional tweaking of the hardware. Fortu- nately, Windows 98 provides a sensible standard interface for adjusting modem settings. To access modem controls, click Start, Settings, Control Panel and then select the Modems icon. The Modem Properties dialog box appears. If you want to see how well your modem is working and its connection speed, launch the System Monitor by clicking Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Monitor. In the System Monitor dialog box, click Edit, Add Item. From the Category list, choose the Dial Up Adapter entry. Then click the Connection Speed item and click OK. A System Mon- itor chart reports the bit rate of the modem. Tip General Properties When you open the Modem Properties dialog box, the General page appears first. You can have one or more modems set up under Windows 98, and they appear in the main window of this dialog box. To change settings on a particular modem, select the desired device in the main window and click the Properties button.