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Chapter 15. Using NetMeeting > Running NetMeeting for the First Time

Running NetMeeting for the First Time

After you obtain the program, follow these steps to install it:

  1. Choose Start, Programs, Accessories, Communications, NetMeeting. Then follow the instructions you see there.

  2. Sign in with your name, address, and so on (see Figure 15.2).

  3. Use the default server unless your administrator tells you to do otherwise.

    Figure 15.2. Entering your personal user information for NetMeeting. This information might be displayed to the public, so enter only what you want to broadcast.

  4. Fill in the connection speed you have for your workstation: 1440; 28800; cable, xDSL, or ISDN; or Local Area Network. (If you're connected to the Net through your local area network—a typical scenario in an office setting where you don't have a modem on your computer dialing out—choose Local Area Network.)

  5. Do the audio tuning for settings. Make sure your microphone is set up; then click the Record button, and start reading the text in the box. Presumably, you successfully recorded some sound, and the sound level was set automatically. If it didn't take, you'll be told about it and advised what to do. You can return to the previous dialog box by clicking Back. Then you can try again after you plug in your mic, fix your sound card, or whatever.

  6. Follow the instructions to finish the setup, typically just clicking OK and the Finish button.



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