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Chapter 15. Using NetMeeting > Systems Requirements and Platform Compatibility

Systems Requirements and Platform Compatibility

To use the data, audio, and video features of NetMeeting, your computer must meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

  • For Windows 2000, you need a Pentium 90MHz processor with 24MB of RAM (a Pentium 133MHz processor or better with at least 32MB of RAM is recommended).

  • You need 4MB of free hard disk space (an additional 10MB is needed during installation only to accommodate the initial setup files).

  • You need a 56,000bps or faster modem, ISDN, DSL, cable, or LAN connection.

  • You need a sound card with microphone and speakers (a sound card is required for both audio and video support).

  • You need a video capture card or camera that provides a Video for Windows capture driver (required for video support).

  • Because, as usual, Microsoft has integrated NetMeeting into other aspects of the operating system and browser, it's preferable to have Internet 4 or higher on your machine. (You'll have at least IE 5 with Windows 2000, so don't worry, but you might want to know this requirement for any Windows 9x machines you use.) NetMeeting-enabled sites are beginning to show up, and they'll work best with IE. Not surprisingly, therefore, NetMeeting is included with Microsoft Internet Explorer through many different distribution mechanisms.

  • The Macintosh, Linux, and UNIX platforms are still not supported although NetMeeting does allow you to interact with people using these platforms as long as they have compatible audio/video conferencing software and hardware.



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