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Chapter 34. OS Mix and Match > Tips from the Windows Pros: Living with More Tha... - Pg. 1215

OS Mix and Match 1215 Tips from the Windows Pros: Living with More Than One OS If you've never run more than one operating system on the same machine at the same time, you might find that managing those operating systems can be a daunting task. Fortunately, some tricks can save you at your darkest moments. Easier Handling of Complex Multiboot Situations The Windows 2000 multiboot loader is capable of supporting a large number of multiboot situations --probably more than will fit on the screen in a list. Still, you are somewhat hog-tied when it comes to complex multiboot scenarios. Notwithstanding the issues of file system compatibilities, getting the boot loader to gracefully add or remove operating systems can be problematic. Editing the BOOT.INI file, for example, is a bit of a cryptic process, and you must remember quirky rules about the order of operating system installation. If you're interested in loading up a killer system with three or more operating systems, we recom- mend using a program designed specifically for the job. There are a couple that you might consider, as described next. Once again, the PowerQuest people come to the rescue with their offering, called BootMagic, which is bundled with PartitionMagic. This program uses a graphical interface to help you set up and run multiple operating systems in the same machine, with a minimum of compatibility problems. You can run the setup interface from DOS, Windows 9x, or Windows NT/Windows 2000. The program supports Windows 95/Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 (server and workstation), Windows NT 3.51 (server and workstation), Windows 3.x (must be installed with DOS 5 or later), MS-DOS 5.0 or later, PC-DOS 6.1 or later, Open DOS, OS/2 3.0 or later, Linux, BeOS, and most other versions of DOS and PC-compatible OSs (check their site at for more info).