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Chapter 21. Instant Networking > Checking Out the Neighborhood - Pg. 645

Instant Networking 645 Checking Out the Neighborhood Your network is finally ready to go. After you have configured, connected, and restarted each of your computers, double-click My Network Places on your desktop. If you are not part of a Windows 2000 Domain, select Computers Near Me. If your network is up and running, you should see one icon for every computer you've connected. If you don't see other computers in the Network Neighborhood, see "Network Neighbor- hood Shows No Other Computers" in the "Troubleshooting" section at the end of this chapter, and read Chapter 27, "Troubleshooting Your Windows 2000 Network." If you are part of a Windows 2000 Domain, select Entire Network, Entire Contents, Microsoft Win- dows Network, and click your own domain's icon to see the list of connected computers. Congratulations: Your network is up and running! But before you continue on to Chapter 22, "Using a Windows 2000 Network," there's one unpleasant task left: backups. I really suggest doing this now. Install and Configure Backup Software Install a tape backup unit and, preferably, a good commercial backup software package on at least one main computer on your network. Follow the instructions on the software to configure it to perform automatic backups. The Windows backup utility is almost adequate for business use, but for business purposes, you should have something that is convenient, that lets you save different backup configurations, and