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Chapter 21. Instant Networking > Installing Networking Wiring

Installing Networking Wiring

Installing the wiring is the most difficult task of setting up a network. If it involves climbing around in the attic or under a building, drilling through walls, or working in an office telephone closet, calling in a professional is probably best. Personally, I find it a frustrating task and one I would rather watch while sipping coffee and eating pastries. Hiring someone to do the job might cost $30 to $75 per computer, but you'll get a professional job, and if you consider that the price of network cards has gone down at least this much in the last few years, you can pretend that you're getting the wiring thrown in for free.


Look in the yellow pages under Telephone Wiring, and ask the contractors you call whether they have experience with network wiring. The following are some points to check out when you shop for a wiring contractor:

  • Ask for references, and check them out.

  • Ask for billing details up front: Do they charge by the hour or at a fixed rate? Do they sell equipment themselves, or do you have to supply cables, connectors, and so on?

  • Ask for prices for parts and labor separately so that you know whether you're getting a good deal and can comparison-shop.

  • Find out what their guaranteed response time is, should problems or failures occur in the future.

  • Ask what their warranty terms are. How long are parts and labor covered?



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