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Chapter 4. Installing Windows 2000 > Upgrading a Windows 3.x Machine - Pg. 119

Installing Windows 2000 119 detection during Setup. Plus, I probably did have some old junk in my AUTOEXEC.BAT and CON- FIG.SYS files that's no longer valuable. The DOS exceptions were Sound Blaster drivers that DOS- based games used--the kinds of things that most Windows 2000 Professional users are not going to worry about. If you see anything listed about your video card, disk controller, sound card, or tape backup, you might want to check on those items a little more closely and download a driver update pack from the manufacturer before you update. Basically, you should take seriously anything that might sug- gest incompatibility that will prevent basic operation or bootability of the system, and you can ac- knowledge but not sweat the rest. #34 If you just want to run the upgrade report and not execute the complete Setup program, insert the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive, or connect over the LAN to the CD. Then issue the following command: winnt32 /checkupgradeonly This command generates just the report. As with the fresh installation instructions, you can just follow the rest of the instructions as they come up on the screen. Your computer might have to restart several times in the process. If the computer seems to be stuck, wait several minutes to ensure it's really hung. Then reboot it. Windows 2000 Professional uses an "intelligent" Setup feature that should restart where it left off. Eventually, after much spinning of your CD and blinking of hard disks lights, the system will boot up in Windows 2000. You can then turn to Chapter 5, "Using the Windows 2000 Interface," to set up an account and begin using it.