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Chapter 29. Customizing via Control Pane... > Phone and Modem Options - Pg. 949

Customizing via Control Panel Applets mouse drivers let you adjust the speed in that environment, so you could match the two. In Windows 2000 Professional, DOS-environment mouse support is provided by Windows. As my co-author Brian says, DOS support under Windows 2000 Professional is one of the marvels of the modern world because it is so well thought out and extensive. 949 If you're frustrated because the mouse pointer still appears on the screen while you're in DOS, see Using DOS Programs with a Mouse in the Troubleshooting section at the end of the chapter. Hardware Tab As with most devices in Windows 2000, the Mouse applet contains a tab that lets you check the driver details (author, version) and whether the device is working properly. By navigating through a few subpages, you can read more about the driver, check the hardware resources such as IRQ used by the mouse, update the driver, and so on. Options vary among mouse devices. You might also see multiple mouse devices listed as installed and operational on this tab. One of my laptop systems has two mouse devices (an internal trackpad and an external one built into an external ergonomic keyboard). Both are listed on this tab. To learn more details about checking, changing, and updating device drivers, see "Updating Device Drivers." #337 If you use an external serial mouse on your laptop, it may not wake up after your laptop goes into a suspended state. For example, if you close the lid to a laptop running Windows