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Acknowledgments - Pg. xxix

xxix Acknowledgments Just as with Windows 2000 itself, this book is the result of a team effort. We couldn't have produced it without the great team at Que, the assistance of contributing writers, and the patience and support of our friends, so we want to express our appreciation. We would like to thank Ken Savich for general technical editing, writing portions of the hard disk and multiboot sections, and providing the detailed information on UNIX internetworking; Melvin Backus for his work on operating system multibooting; Dr. Steve Cummings for sharing what he knows about Data 0Sharing; Rebecca Tapley for showing how to use FrontPage Express and how to publish sites on the Internet; Jamie Bumsted for graciously showing how to manage users; Tyler Regas for his expertise in Macintosh internetworking; Martin O'Reilly for his work on the Windows Script Host section; and Tom Syroid for additional help with the hard disk management section. Thanks to Pete Cocke ( Il Professore ) for hours and hours of formatting and to Harry Summerfield for masterful writing and rewriting in the "Network Security" chapter. The staff at Que did an amazing job. A series as well-known and consistently as professional as Special Edition Using cannot be maintained without a steady hand such as that provided by Asso- ciate Publisher Jim Minatel. Jim offered timely guidance, yet remained in the background to allow authors, acquisitions editors, and developmental editors to do their jobs. Thanks to Acquisitions Editor Jill Byus, who, with great patience, kept us on track with gentle prodding and copious excla- mation points!!! Our almost daily interactions over the course of nine months were with Development Editor Rick Kughen, who developed this monster by himself. His humor, technical insights, and graciousness are deeply appreciated. We would especially like to acknowledge the technical editors and the editorial, indexing, layout, art, proofing, and other production staff at Que who labor away largely unseen and often unthanked. You all did a marvelous job. Hats off to Jim Price for inviting us into the Que family of authors and agreeing to work on this title with us. It has been an honor. No book could make it to market without the real-world personal relationships developed between booksellers on the one hand and the publisher's sales and marketing personnel on the other. We've had the opportunity to meet sales and marketing folks in the computer publishing world, and we know what a difficult job selling and keeping up with the thousands of computer titles can be. Thanks to all of you for your pivotal role in helping to pay our mortgages! Finally, we want to acknowledge those who made it possible for us to get through the months of writing. Bob thanks first his agent, Chris Van Buren, for standing by him with encouragement on down days and sharing his excitement after his successes. Many thanks for fighting for better con- tracts, keeping things in perspective, and phoning in long distance (even from Brazil!) for conference calls. And, as always, thanks to friends and family who, even though accustomed to seeing him disappear for months on end, allow him back in the fold when the project is over. This goes for Elaine, in particular, whose daily support and patience made such a difference. Brian wants to thank Chris Van Buren for representing him on this project. He also adds a special mention to the Baguette Quartette, for music through many long nights; Bryce Carter for guidance; Pete Cocke for his friendship (and tour planning); and Mike Holloway for housesitting while Brian spent four months in the office writing.