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Appendix > The Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit - Pg. 981

Additional Help and Resources 981 If you support only a few people or do not have to frequently download files, the free Knowledge Base on the Web might work well for you. The Knowledge Base contains much of the same infor- mation as the TechNet CD-ROM, but it is free. Although Knowledge Base is available for free on the Web, there are many times when you might want it on CD-ROM. If you frequently need files or need large files from TechNet, the CD-ROM is much more convenient than slogging through the Web. TechNet on CD-ROM has a much more flexible and faster search engine so you can quickly browse for related topics; for example, you can quickly find an answer while a client is on the phone. With the advent of CD-ROM drives built into portables, the TechNet CD is an indispensable tool for the traveling Windows consultant. To subscribe to TechNet, contact them at this address: Microsoft TechNet One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052-6399 Fax: (206) 936-7329, Attn: TechNet Voice: (800) 344-2121 Internet: <> Web: The Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit Microsoft split the user documentation for Windows 95 in two parts. The first part contains the User's Guide, help files, tutorial, and so on. This part is aimed at the average Windows 95 user and covers the Windows 95 user interface and features. The Windows 95 Resource Kit comprises the rest of the Windows 95 user documentation. This kit provides more depth and detail about topics that (in Microsoft's estimation) the average user isn't likely to need. You can find information about customized setup and installation, network configu- ration, and so on. The Windows 95 Resource Kit includes a manual, help files, and supplementary software utilities aimed at network administrators and others who must support other Windows 95 users. It's important to understand that the Windows 95 Resource Kit is not a programmer's reference or software development kit--that's another area entirely. The Windows 95 Resource Kit is still part of the user-level documentation; it's just aimed at a higher-level user than the rest of the Windows 95 documentation. The Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit is a book-software combination. The book and software come on the Windows 95 CD-ROM from which you might have installed Windows 95. You can also download the book and software from online services or purchase it as a bound book from larger bookstores. If you have the full CD-ROM version of Windows 95, you already have a copy of the Windows 95 Resource Kit. The Resource Kit chapters appear in the Windows 95 Resource Kit Help file, WIN95RK.HLP, which is located in the /ADMIN/RESKIT/HELPFILE directory. Double-click this file to open its help window. You can search and print in the file as you would any help file. You can also find a number of useful user and network utilities on the Windows 95 CD-ROM. Look in the /ADMIN/APPTOOLS and /ADMIN/NETTOOLS directories to find these utilities. You also can find software tools on online bulletin boards. Many of these were listed earlier in this appendix, in the section "Online Technical Support."