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Chapter 2. Working in Windows NT 4.0 > Working with Applications - Pg. 64

Working in Windows NT 4.0 64 Figure 2.34. The Browse dialog box helps you look through your system to specify a file or folder or other item. Working with Applications Most likely, you'll spend a majority of your time in Windows NT working with applications. No, we're not talking about Windows NT Explorer, My Computer, or Solitaire. Rather, we're referring to the Microsoft Excel, Lotus Notes, Adobe AutoCad, and Borland Delphi applications you'll install and run in Windows NT. This section will show you to how to install and run applications in Windows NT. Note For detailed information about installing and running applications in Windows NT, including coverage of DOS, Windows 3.x, and Windows 95 applications, see Chapter 11, "Working with Applications." Installing Applications with the Add/Remove Programs Applet Windows NT provides a tool to use for installing and uninstalling programs on your computer. In most cases, using theAdd/Remove Programs applet (see Figure 2.35) removes some of the guess-