Using Windows NT Accessory Applications 308 Exiting Paint You can exit thePaint program in any of the following ways: · · · · · Choose File, Exit Press Alt+F4 Click the Close (X) button Choose Close from the Control Menu Double-click the Control Menu If you have not saved your drawing, Paint displays a message asking if you want to save the changes. Choose Yes to save, No to close without saving the drawing, or Cancel to return to the drawing. From Here... This chapter introduced you to and showed you how to use three of the Windows NT accessories: WordPad, Chat, and Paint. For information about using other Windows NT utilities, see these chap- ters: · Chapter 25, "Using HyperTerminal," shows you how to connect to other computers using Win- dows NT's HyperTerminal accessory and your modem. · Chapter 29, "Using the Event Viewer," explains how to view the security, system, and audit logs recorded by Windows NT to track problems, errors, and security breaches.