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Chapter 1. Understanding Windows NT Work... > Troubleshooting the Startup Process

Troubleshooting the Startup Process

Table 1.2 lists some common, usually easy-to-address problems that you may encounter at the startup of Windows NT Workstation 4.0. The sections following the table provide you with even more detailed advice for troubleshooting startup problems.

Table 1.2. Common Problems at Startup
Problem Resolution
Can't remember password Unless you have recorded your password somewhere, it cannot be retrieved except from your memory. Your system administrator must supply you with a new logon.
Incorrect password message Passwords are case-sensitive; be sure you are supplying the correct password. Be sure your account on the workstation is valid; check with a system administrator. Or, another user has locked the workstation, so you must supply that user's logon to unlock.
Couldn't find NTLDR message The critical file in starting Windows NT Workstation 4.0 is deleted or corrupted. After booting from DOS,copy the NTLDR.COM file to the root directory of the boot drive from the I386\NTLDR directory on the installed CD. Or, from installation disk No. 2, enter the following command: expand ntldt.$ boot drive:\ntldr, where boot drive is the letter of the drive from which Windows NT Workstation 4.0 boots.
Non-system or disk error message A disk is probably in the floppy drive. Remove the message disk and press any key. If there is no disk in the floppy drive, you may have hard disk troubles. See the section Repairing Your System later in this chapter



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