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Part VI: Going Online with Windows NT Wo... > Using Peer Web Services - Pg. 542

542 Chapter 22. Using Peer Web Services by Kevin Jones Peer Web Services allow you to share information on intranets and the Internet. You share this information by creating your own Web, FTP, and Gopher sites on your workstation. These are fully functional servers, but are designed for low-volume publishing. · Understanding how Peer Web Services work You learn about the components that comprise the Peer Web Services and what features each component supports. With this knowledge, you will be prepared to publish information on the Internet or on your company's intranet. · Installing Peer Web Services You learn how to install the Peer Web Services component onto your workstation. · Configuring Peer Web Services You learn how to configure each of the components of the Peer Web Services, as well as how each component uses security, directories, and server logging.