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Part VIII: Appendixes > Workstation Certification

Appendix F. Workstation Certification

Simply being extremely efficient with a software application is no longer enough. In securing a great job or professional recognition, it is no longer sufficient to describe solid on-the-job experience or great project success stories. Becoming a certified professional in the particular application is what really matters. Becoming certified means recognition and, in the case of a job, could be the difference between winning the job and not. In this appendix, we'll help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam. We'll show you how to register for the exam, how to prepare, and where the great sources of information are that you can use to prepare for the test.

  • Register for the exam

    You'll learn who administers the exams and how to contact the company.

  • Getting prepared

    Finding out how to prepare for the exam is an important focus of this appendix.

  • Before, during, and after the exam

    Here are some things you'll need to remember, including a little about how the test works and how to approach it, and how to find out about receiving your exam results and what to do if you fail.

  • Contact information

    Microsoft provides considerable information about the certification program, technical issues, and education, and also about opportunities for participating in various programs.



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