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Lesson 5. Using Windows 95 Help - Pg. 31

31 Chapter 5. Using Windows 95 Help In this lesson, you learn how to get help, use the Help feature's shortcut buttons, and use the What's This? feature. Getting Help in Windows 95 Windows offers several ways to get online help--instant on-screen help for menu commands, pro- cedures, features, and other items. Online help is information that appears in its own window when- ever you request it. Windows' Help feature offers three types of help: Index, Find, and Contents features. The Contents feature displays a list of topics (such as Introducing Windows and Tips and Tricks) as well as a 10 minute tour of using Windows. The Index feature enables you to access specific categories of topics--such as adapters, disk configuration, copying, and so on. Find lets you search for specific words and phrases--such as About, Mem, Printing, and so on. Note Setting Up Help--The first time you choose Find in Windows Help, Windows runs a Find Setup Wizard that compiles every word from the Help files into a database you will use to find subjects. Follow the directions and the Wizard will guide you. Note Fast Help--Most dialog boxes, including Help dialog boxes, include a Help button (a ques- tion mark in the title bar) that enables you to get help on items within the dialog box. Click the question mark and point the mouse at an area you have a question about. Windows displays a box with a definition or other information relating to your question. When you're finished reading the help, click the mouse to hide the information box.