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Lesson 24. Working with Multimedia > Using the CD Player

Using the CD Player

Windows NT provides a CD Player program that works with your CD-ROM drive so that you can play audio CDs while you're working. Like a regular advanced CD player, Windows' CD Player contains features such as random play, programmable playback order, and the capability to save play lists. If you save a play list, you don't have to re-create it each time you insert a CD, which means you can skip over songs you don't want to play or you can play the songs in a specific order. To use the CD Player, follow these steps:

  1. From the Desktop, choose the Start button, Programs, Accessories, Multimedia, and then the CD Player. The CD Player window appears (see Figure 24.1).

    Figure 24.1. Use the CD Player to play music CDs on your computer.

  2. Insert the CD into the drive, and the CD Player scans the CD. If you have played this CD before, the program fills in the artist, title, and track in the appropriate text boxes. If Autoplay is turned on, the CD will begin to play automatically after you insert it.

  3. Click the Play button to play the CD, if Autoplay did not start it for you. To pause the CD, click the Pause button. To resume playing the CD, click the Play button again.


    Skip Tracks Choose the Track drop-down list to display a list of tracks on the CD. Select a track and the CD Player skips to that track.

  4. If this is the first time you've played this CD, you can set up the play list by choosing Disc, Edit Play List. The CD Player: Disc Settings dialog box appears. Enter the artist's name and the CD title. In Play List, you can specify the order in which you want to play the tracks. Choose OK when you finish entering the settings.

  5. To control the volume (you must have a sound card), choose View, Volume Control. The Volume Control box appears. Slide the bar up to increase the volume or down to decrease it.


    Volume Control The Volume Control box in the Accessories window works the same as the Volume Control in the CD Player. When the CD Player is on, you cannot use the Volume Control box in the Multimedia folder.

  6. To change the play order of the tracks, open the Options menu and choose Random Order. The CD Player mixes up the order of the tracks for you.


    Change Tracks Click the Previous Track button to play the previous track on the play list. Click the Next Track button to play the next track on the play list. Click the Skip Backwards button to move backward within a track. Click the Skip Forwards button to move forward within a track.

  7. Click the Stop button to stop playing your CD.

  8. Click the Eject button to eject your CD.



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