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Searching for a File

Using the Windows NT Find program (Start menu, Find, Files and Folders) works similarly to the Explorer's search program. To search for a file, follow these steps:

  1. From the Windows Explorer, choose Tools, Find, Files or Folders. The Find dialog box appears with the Name & Location tab open (see Figure 13.2).

  2. In the Named text box, type the name of the file or folder you want to find (use wild cards in place of unknown characters).

    Figure 13.2. Tell Windows what to search for and where to begin the search.

    Plain English

    Wild Card A character that fills in for other character(s). When you're not sure of the file name you want to find, you can use the asterisk wild card (*) to replace multiple characters in the actual name, such as *.DOC. You can also use the question mark wild card (?) to replace one character in the file name, such as proj04??.doc.

  3. In the Look In text box, enter the drive and/or folders you want to search. If you enter C:\, for example, Windows NT searches all of drive C. You can, alternatively, choose the Browse button to select the drive or folder you want to search.


    Include Subfolders Make sure this option is checked so Windows NT searches all subfolders within the folders you've specified for the search.

  4. Choose Find Now, and Windows NT searches for the files that meet your criteria. When it finishes the search, you see the results at the bottom of the Find dialog box. Figure 13.3 shows the results of the search C:\*.DOC. Notice that the title bar of the Find dialog box includes the search criteria.

  5. When you finish checking out the results, close the Find dialog box.



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