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Lesson 17. Printing with Windows NT > Printing from an Application

Printing from an Application

The steps for printing from any Windows application are very similar. The biggest difference is that some dialog box options change from program to program. Most programs offer a Print icon on the toolbar that you can click to print one copy of the job; although in some programs, the print icon displays the Print dialog box. To print from a Windows application, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File, Print, and the Print dialog box appears. Figure 17.1 shows the Print dialog box in the WordPad accessory program.

    Figure 17.1. Use the Print dialog box to specify printing options.

  2. Set any of the printing options described in the following list. (Some applications will offer more specialized options; see a particular application's Help feature if you have questions.)

    Print Range Specify the pages you want to print. For example, you can print all pages, the current page, a range of pages (list the pages in the provided text box), or a selection (which you select before opening the Print dialog box).

    Copies Enter the number of copies to print. Often, you can choose a print order (front to back, for example) and whether to collate the copies or not.

    Print to File Prints the document into a file, which you can use to print your document from a computer that doesn't have the program you used to create it. (You then print the file by typing print filename at the DOS prompt of any computer. All document formatting is preserved.)

    Printer If you have several printers available, you can choose the printer to which you want to send the job.

    Properties or Setup Usually leads to a dialog box in which you can set paper size, orientation, paper tray, graphics resolution, and other options specific to your printer.

  3. When you're ready to print, choose OK. Windows NT sends the job to the printer.



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