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NetBIOS Names Reference

Early in this chapter, we noted that for all Microsoft operating systems that support and use NetBIOS names, the first 15 characters of a name can be specified by a user and the 16th character of the name (00–FF hex) always indicates a resource type. Records in the WINS database use NetBIOS unique and group names, and knowledge of the various names will go a long way toward making sense of the WINS mappings database. The following tables detail the different names found in the WINS database.

Table 8.4.2a. NetBIOS Unique Names
Format Description
computer_name[00h]Registered by the Workstation Service on the WINS client. In general, this name is called the NetBIOS computer name.
computer_name[03h]Registered by the Messenger Service on the WINS client. This service is used by the client when sending and receiving messages.
computer_name[06h]Registered by the Remote Access Service (RAS) on the WINS client (when the RAS Server service is started).
domain_name[1Bh]Registered by each Windows NT Server 4.0 Domain Controller running as the domain master browser. This name record is used to allow remote browsing of domains. When a WINS Server is queried for this name, a WINS Server returns the IP addresses of the computers that registered this name.
computer_name[1Fh]Registered by the Network Dynamic Data Exchange (NetDDE) services.
computer_name[20h]Registered by the Server service on the WINS client.
computer_name[21h]Registered by the RAS Client service on the WINS client (when the RAS Client is started).
computer_name[BEh]Registered by the Network Monitoring Agent Service and appears only if the service is started on the WINS client computer.
computer_name[BFh]Registered by the Network Monitoring Utility.
username[03h]User names for the currently logged-on users are registered in the WINS database. Each user name is registered by the Server service component so that the user can receive any net send commands sent to that user name. If more than one user logs on with the same user name, only the first computer logged on with that user name registers the name.



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