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Chapter 7.2. Publishing and Assigning Ap... > Controlling Software Deployment thro...

Controlling Software Deployment through Group Policy Object Settings

There are four locations under Administrative Templates in a GPO that control the behavior of Group Policy and software installation. Two of these locations, one under User and one under Computer, control the workings of the Windows Installer Service and will be dealt with in Chapter 7.3, "Windows Installer." The third location is the Group Policy settings under Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Group Policy. Table 7.2.1 lists the major settings in this area that affect the behavior of software installation. These settings are all disabled by default except the slow link detection that defaults to a connection rate of 500 kbps. The fourth location, under User Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Group Policy, contains no settings that have a particular effect on software installation.

Table 7.2.1. How Settings Affect the Behavior of Software
Apply Group Policy for computers asynchronously during LogonIf enabled, the Logon prompt will not wait until policy updates are complete. Depending on the time required to install applications assigned to computers, Logon may finish before software installation is complete.
Apply Group Policy for users asynchronously during LogonIf enabled, the desktop may appear before applications assigned to users finish installing. Because these applications normally install only shortcuts and Registry entries, this is unlikely.
Group Policy slow link detectionThis setting determines the speed used as a threshold value for determining what is a slow link. Slow links are used most often to prevent policy processing and software installation across dial-up connections. (See "Software Installation Policy Processing" for ways to override this setting for software installation.)
Software InstallationPolicy ProcessingThis allows two settings that affectsoftware installation to be set. The Allow processing across a slow network connection option allows for software installation, even over a slow connection. The Process even if the Group Policy objects have not changed option reapplies the software installation policy, even if it has not changed. This will enforce software settings made through software installation, even if the user has manually changed the setting after installation. It requires more time,but it will enforce standardized software installation policies.



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