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Chapter 6.2. Profiles > Offline Folders - Pg. 317

Profiles 317 · You are now tied to a non-portable solution. If the underlying technology (the OS) changes, you will be forced to re-engineer the entire set of scripts. To address these issues, several new features have been put in place. The first of these is Windows Scripting Host (WSH). WSH is an open shell environment built into the Windows 2000 OS. WSH interprets Visual Basic script and Jscript, as well as several other common scripting languages. This allows the power of programming logic and API-level calls to be no more than a few keystrokes away in your favorite text editor. The second is the implementation of Group Policy objects as a means of specifying startup/logon and logoff/shutdown scripts based on the user or computer lo- cation within the site, Domain or organizational unit structure. For more information, see Chapter 6.3, "Group Policies." Home Folder The Home folder can be specified to automatically map a drive to a network share location, allowing a predetermined letter to represent a secure backed-up point of storage for user information. Ap- plications may use the Home folder as the default location that the Save and Open dialog boxes access. My Documents Folders The control over where the My Documents folder points can be set by using profiles, as previously discussed, or it can be controlled via GPOs from within Active Directory. Although the My Documents folder is not centrally administered within the user account profile dialog box, it is an integral part of the desktop environment as the default open and save starting point for most newer applications.