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Chapter 6.2. Profiles > Mandatory User Profiles

Mandatory User Profiles

Mandatory user profiles, unlike local and roaming profiles, remove the users' ability to permanently change their desktop environment. In the implementation of a local or roaming profile, changes to the workspace are saved upon exit. However, changes are not saved with mandatory profiles. Restated, in-session changes are permitted, However, after the logon session has ended, the original settings are restored when the user logs back on. To implement mandatory user profiles, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Create an account, either local or in AD. For the purpose of this exercise, call it mandatorytemplate.

  2. Log on to a clean build of Windows 2000.

  3. Customize the desktop to fit your organization's needs (icon placement, desktop schemes, standard mapped drives, standard network printers, IE settings, Start menu items, Windows application configurations such as Outlook Express, and so on).

  4. Click Change and select the authenticated users group. This information is embedded into the Ntuser.dat file and limits the security groups that will be allowed to use the profile.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Open up My Computer and browse the mandatory profile template directory that you just copied the profile to.

  7. Double-click it and left-click Properties.

  8. On the Security tab, set the Everyone permission to read. Remove all other checkmarks for the Everyone group.

  9. Add the Administrators group if it is not already in the security list, and give it full control.

  10. Click OK.

  11. Double-click the mandatory profile template directory.

  12. Rename the Ntuser.dat file to Ntuser.man.

  13. Set up a test account to have its profile point to the \\SERVER\SHARE\MANDATORY profile template directory.

  14. Log on as the test user to verify policy application. Make modifications to the desktop and log out.

  15. Log back in and verify that the changes you made did not take effect.



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