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Chapter 6.2. Profiles > Roaming User Profiles

Roaming User Profiles

In a user-by-user basis, you can define a profile path on the Profile tab of the User Account Properties dialog box. This function allows for a central copy of the user profile to be stored and accessed from any workstation. This implementation is called a roaming user profile. To implement roaming user profiles, the following steps must be executed:

  1. Create an account, either local or in AD. For the purpose of this exercise, call it roamtemplate.

  2. Log on to a clean build of Windows 2000.

  3. Customize the desktop to fit your organization's needs (icon placement, desktop schemes, standard mapped drives, standard network printers, IE settings, Start menu items, Windows application configurations such as Outlook Express, and so on).

  4. Log off and log on with an account that has administrative authority.

  5. Double-click My Computer and left-click Properties.

  6. Select the User Profiles tab, and highlight the roamtemplate profile.

  7. Click Copy to and select a location on your network (\\SERVER\SHARE\ROAMING profile template).

  8. In the Permitted to use portion of the dialog box, click Change and select the authenticated users group. This information is embedded into the Ntuser.dat file and limits the security groups that will be allowed to use the profile.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Open up Explorer and create a share under a test user's home directory. For this example, it will be called profiledata.

  11. Locate the network share point you copied the roamtemplate profile to and copy its contents to the profiledata subdirectory for the test user account.

  12. Open up the Properties dialog box for the testuser account and click on the Profile tab.

  13. Enter in the UNC path to the profiledata directory and click OK.

  14. Log on to the workstation with the test user account and verify proper profile application.



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