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Chapter 10. Organizing Your Files > Where Should You Keep Your Stuff? - Pg. 208

208 Chapter 10. Organizing Your Files What makes personal computers so amazing is their phenomenal capacity to store data and recall it with a few clicks of the mouse. You can store photos, music files, letters, memos, and just about anything that can be translated into bits and bytes. Of course, retrieving that information isn't as easy as it sounds. You must remember where you saved that file and what you named it. That's why it's so important to learn the ins and outs of Windows Explorer, the all-purpose file man- agement tool. By learning how to organize your files, you increase your chances of finding them when you need them. If they get lost, don't worry; the Windows XP Search Companion can track down the missing data as long as you can provide a few details about it. Where Should You Keep Your Stuff? Windows XP strongly encourages you to keep your files organized by designating a single location, the My Documents folder, to store all your document files. When you use the Open or Save menus in just about any application, including Notepad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and so on,