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Chapter 5. Fixing Computer Problems > Rolling Back to a Previous Configuration

Rolling Back to a Previous Configuration

Earlier in this chapter, I told you how to use System Restore to save your system configuration so that you can undo any harmful changes. If your computer is acting up and you’re ready to use System Restore to travel back in time to a point where your PC worked properly, follow these instructions.

  1. Shut down all running programs.

  2. Open the Help And Support Center and, under Pick A Task, click the Undo Changes To Your Computer With System Restore option.

  3. On the Welcome To System Restore screen, shown on the next page, choose Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time and click Next.


    The third choice, Undo My Last Restoration, is available only after you’ve used System Restore to return to a previous configuration. If you’ve never done this before, you see only two options.

  4. On the Select A Restore Point page, choose the date that you want to go back to from the calendar on the left, and then click the restore point entry from the list on the right, as in Figure 5-7. Click Next.

    Figure 5-7. To undo changes to your computer, select a restore point from this list.


    How do you use System Restore if Windows won’t start at all? If you can boot into Safe Mode (as described later in this section), you can run System Restore from there.

  5. The next page gives you one last chance to confirm your restore point selection. It also reminds you that using System Restore doesn’t remove any data files, and you can revert to the current configuration. Follow the prompts to finish the restore operation. When you’re finished, Windows restarts and your system should be working again.


    When System Restore has completed its work, any programs you installed after the date and time of the selected restore point will no longer work. Before restoring your system to a previous point, I recommend uninstalling any programs that you’ve installed since that restore point was created. Although this step isn’t required, it can prevent problems. If you forget to do this, don’t worry—just reinstall the program.



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