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Key Points

  • To set up your Internet connection, use the New Connection Wizard, which is available from the Network Connections folder.

  • By setting the correct options, you can configure a dial-up Internet connection to connect automatically without requiring you to click any buttons.

  • On a home network, you only need one Internet connection, which you can share among all computers by using a hardware router or the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature of Windows XP.

  • Internet Explorer includes at least three ways to search for information automatically.

  • You can set the Search Companion or Search Assistant to use your favorite search engine by default.

  • Press Ctrl+D to add the current Web page to your Favorites list immediately.

  • For fast access to favorite Web sites, use the Favorites Explorer bar and the Links toolbar.

  • Although Internet Explorer includes a dialog box designed to help you organize your Favorites, you’ll probably find it easier to make changes to the Favorites folder in Windows Explorer.

  • Internet Explorer can remember information you’ve entered in Web forms, including your user names and passwords, and automatically enter this information for you when you return to a page.

  • If you’re concerned about the security of saved Web passwords, you can and should disable the AutoComplete feature.

  • Use the Web Archive, Single File option to save an entire Web page and all of its graphics in a single file that you can keep or share.

  • The Print dialog box and Print Preview window give you more control than Print when you want to print a Web page.



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