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Part: II Networking and The Internet > .Mac Services and iDisk

Chapter 6. .Mac Services and iDisk


45 Sign Up for .Mac

46 Share a Slideshow Screensaver

47 Create a .Mac Web Page

48 Use .Mac Webmail

49 Reset a Lost .Mac Password

50 Connect to Your iDisk

51 Keep Your iDisk in Sync

52 Share Your iDisk Public Folder with Others

53 Password-Protect Your Public Folder

In the modern computing world, more and more of what we think of as “computing” involves the exchange of data over the Internet. Not only that, but this digital exchange is no longer just the impersonal web-surfing of the Internet's first explosive years; nowadays, the way we interact with our computers and the Internet is increasingly personalized. Online commerce has reached the level where a great many people are as comfortable shopping on the Web as they are using a catalog or going to a store. An even more infectious phenomenon, though, is the proliferation of personalized services that take advantage of the new digital devices we use in our daily lives. Personal web publishing, file sharing, photo albums, network storage—these things all have come about only recently as a result both of the ever-decreasing price of data storage and the explosion of digital lifestyle devices on the market—the so-called “Digital Hub” that Steve Jobs announced as Apple's strategy in the year 2000. It was only with the maturation of Mac OS X and its core technologies, and the introduction of .Mac, that the digital hub strategy truly became a reality.



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