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Chapter 14. Customizing Mac OS X > Change the Dock's Position and Behavior - Pg. 325

Customizing Mac OS X 3. 325 Customize This Window Only or All Windows At the top of the View Options palette, no matter what the view mode, are two options that let you choose between setting the options for just the folder window you're customizing, or globally configuring all windows in the system at once. NOTE Each view mode's options for each window is set independently. If you set global op- tions for List view, folders that have been set to open in Icon view will still open in Icon view; but if you then switch to List view, the global options take effect. Any specific options you've set for that window override your global settings. 4. Customize List View Columns In List view, you have the option to use large or small icons, to select the font size for document names, and to choose which informational columns you want to show. In the View Options palette, select the check box for each column of information you want to see in List view. You can also reorganize the order in which List view columns are shown on a per-folder basis. In the Finder window for the folder, click a column header and drag it left and right to position it between a different pair of columns. You do not need to have the View Options palette open to rearrange the column order. Set Icon View Options Icon view is the most customizable of the folder views. You can choose how large you want the icons to be (on a smooth scale from 16×·16 pixels to 128×·128 pixels). You can select whether the filenames should appear below or to the right of the icons, and whether they should include secondary information about the items' contents (using the Show item info check box). You can force the icons into a strict grid formation, and you can make them sort themselves alphabeti- cally or according to various other criteria (such as the time of last modification). If you select 5.