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Our goal in creating this book is to give you the most information possible about Mac OS X 10.4 (also known as Tiger) in as friendly and straightforward a manner as possible. Although we've included tips that even seasoned Mac users can benefit from, this book is especially written for the following:

  • People who have recently switched to the Mac who want to learn the basics of the operating system, as well as some of the best Mac programs available.

  • Long-time Mac users who want to learn the new Mac OS X operating system, as well as work more productively with common OS X applications.

  • People who are already familiar with some aspects of Mac OS X but want a helpful reference for those parts they haven't yet mastered.

How This Book Is Organized

The chapters of this book are categorized into six sections:

Part I, “Mac OS X Basics,” explores fundamental elements of the operating system, including the Finder, the Dock, and System Preferences. It also explains the basics of how to work with windows, files, and applications.

Part II, “Common Applications and Hardware,” introduces several applications that come with OS X (and some that you need to purchase separately), as well as how to work with displays, printers, and USB and FireWire devices.

Part III, “Internet Applications,” covers how to connect to the Internet and several applications from Apple that use a network connection, including the Safari Web browser, the email program Mail, and the instant messaging client iChat AV.

Part IV, “Apple's iLife Applications,” explores Apple's digital media applications—iTunes, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie HD, and iDVD.

Part V, “System Administration and Maintenance,” explains several topics—such as setting up your Mac for multiple users, securing your system, recovering from crashes, and backing up your data—that can make your system run more smoothly or, at least, help in times of trouble.

Part VI, “Advanced Topics,” introduces some aspects of Mac OS X that the average user may not be aware of, including using the Unix command line, running AppleScript, and working with various system utilities.

An Invitation from the Authors

If you have questions or comments about Mac OS X or this book, please feel free to email us.

Thanks for reading!

Robyn Ness (robynness@mac.com)
John Ray (johnray@mac.com)

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